Developers API And New Language Released

We’ve been asked multiple times to create an API to be used by some of the talented programmers in our community. Well, now you have it – the Myfxbook API v1.0.

The API allows programmatic access to your account’s data, allowing to create iPhone/Android applications, Facebook applications, customized widgets and more. The API area is accessible from the bottom menu ( .

Also, thanks to your hard work, the Polish language is nearly completed and therefore released . It can be selected as the default language either from the homepage (when not logged in), or from your settings area, in the profile tab.

Last but certainly not least, the dashboard news feed was changed to – one of the largest and leading providers of forex news.

The Myfxbook team.


3 Responses to “Developers API And New Language Released”

  1. Alan Says:

    This has to be one of the most exciting news releases to date!

  2. Xamael Says:

    Yes 😉 We made it! Go Poland 🙂

  3. Samuel paris Says:

    So….. How long till we see an iPhone app ;). That would be so exciting!

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